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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Brook Trout Fly Fishing in Ontario - Brookie Heaven!

Me and Justin headed up to our favourite little brookie and brown stream over the long weekend......again. We try to get up to this place at least once a month during the warmer months to get away from the city and have a little peace. Unfortunately, the place is becoming a little too popular now. Just a couple of years ago, we'd go entire weekends without seeing a soul. Now it seems that anywhere you can stop on the road, a car is parked. Oh well.......we're now considering making a 20 minute hike into the bush up there and simply camping away from the road and the other folks.

Our campsite:

We usually don't bother to bring a tent......just our foam mats for crashing beside the fire after a few glass of 12 year old singles.

The creek:

This one stays very very cool all season long. A good 10 kilometers or so of the stream are still densely coverd in trees, and it is entirely spring fed, so it takes quite a bit of heat to bring the water temps up. One of the other streams we like to fish was far too warm when we showed up, so we had to pass it by. Not a huge deal though.

Here are a couple of the tiny tiny feesh we got into over the weekend. It was non stop pretty well the entire time we fished. Everything on dries........

And this fella was all suited up in his fall spawning colours, but was very reluctant to have his picture taken....

Twas a good trip!!

Hope ya'll had some fun over the long weekend!!

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