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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trout Fishing In Ontario - Early Season Fun

Its been a long, cold winter......thats what Andrew Hunter of Andrew Hunter and The Gatherers says anyways, and I'd have to agree with him. Especially considering winter in Ontario means an extreme lack of fly fishing opportunities. That, couple with several feet of snow makes things very difficult for the weary fly fisher to clogg through the season. But, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. And it seems things just might be alright.

The cold winter has allowed some development on the Fly Fishing Ontario website though. The site has taken new form, and there have been a number of additions. One of the most interesting additions is the Fly Tyers Almanac. This is a fly pattern section dedicated to patterns that are useful in Ontario. Sure, they'll be useful elsewhere as well, but the focus is on the patterns, and we even tell you what Ontario rivers to use em on!

Fly Fish Ontario TV, which provides a variety of free fly fishing videos has seen some additions as well. Most notably, the last few episodes of Bingo Bango Ontario Fly Fishing. There are also a number of instructional fly fishing videos as well, incuding some really neat fly fishing bug videos. Mike Barrett, the fella that provides the lovely soundtrack for Bingo Bango is currently touring Eastern Canada with Andrew Hunter and the Gathers. Check out Mike's website for tour dates near you!

Grand River Spey has announced the next date for the Grand River Spey Clave. May 30, 2009 there will be a bunch of spey junkies gathering in a small park in Paris Ontario. Features at this event include the world renowned spey casting instructor Simon Gawesworth, as well as local Spey Champions Neil Houlding, Peter Charles, Courtney Ogilvie from BC, Bruce Kruk also from the west and many other appreciated casting instructors. Free BBQ lunch, free coffee, free demos......its all free so come on out and enjoy the day!!

Get ready for opener, fill up those fly boxes and patch the waders 'cause ya'll got less than 40 days until its time to hook a trout!!

There is a support group for over worked, cabin fevered fly fishers located here: Fly Fishers Annonymous


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