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Thursday, December 18, 2008

2008 Ontario Fly Fishing Highlights

The 2008 fly fishing year is coming to an end! AHHHHHHHHH!

I thought I'd post some photo highlights of this past season for ya'll!

More to come as a new years treat!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting your kids into fly fishing!

For me it wasn’t very difficult to get my kids interested in fly fishing. They seem to be drawn to anything that I am interested in. I love how I can spend quality time with my kids doing something we both love (though not much real fishing for me). From the time that they could first walk and talk my children have enjoyed fishing and watching me fish. For them it was sitting on a dock or at a pond and doing the old worm and bobber thing at first. Catching tons of sunfish, rock bass, catfish and even the odd smallmouth or largemouth bass. These were great times indeed, but not quite my idea of really fishing. Then we started fishing some of my favorite creeks for resident rainbows, browns and brookies. This was even better, but somewhat difficult for the little ones. At times they would get bored and some of the spots were pretty rough trekking for the kids. This past summer was when it all really started, when the transition was made to fly fishing.

I have three kids, a daughter who is 7, and twin boys who are 5. They can be a handful when it is just me and them. They are all very well behaved, but being kids they have a short attention span. They have to be constantly stimulated, which is why fly fishing is the perfect thing to introduce them to. It is a very visually, physically, and mentally active sport. It keeps you always moving and watching and doing something.

Now keeping in mind the ages of the kids, they did all get into some small trout with a bit of assistance. Fly fishing is definitely the sort of thing that takes one on one time when teaching it to a younger child. You need a very large area where you won’t disturb or hook another person. You also need to be very patient. It is surprising how quickly a child can learn something new. It will still take them many years to get tying, casting, wading and doing everything for themselves, but when it happens I will have a whole crew of fishin’ buddies.

I brought my kids to the spring Spey Play Day, where they first got a chance to play with my fly rod and they loved it! One of the guys there told me about a game to play with the kids in the backyard.

You place some hoola hoops around the back yard and practice aiming your cast with the fly rod. You can make it easier or harder and put point values on different hoops to make a game. The kids will play this for hours. It’s also really good practice for me.

I only let them use my old beater rod with a broken tip, and a piece of yarn instead of a fly. This is for obvious reasons until they get better, and are ready for their own rods.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favourite Ontario Steelhead Flies

These are some of my 'go to' flies for fall and winter Steelhead in Great Lakes Tributaries:

Wooven Stonefly

Shellback Caddis Larva

Hex Bugger - CBinWindsor of Fly Fish Ontario

Northern Casemaker (Caddis Species)

Materials List: Fly recipes and Patterns for Ontario Steelhead Fly Fishing


Monday, December 15, 2008

Chilled to the bone, Steelhead in Ontario in December

Well, myself and fellow FFOer Tim Smyth got out for the day on Saturday. It was a beautiful, sunny day, although quite chilly at about -2 c. We decided to get out anyways, as its nearing the end of the season for most areas that are fishable by the fly.

We got down to our little river at about 9:30 or so, and were greeted by crunchy snow, and shelf ice 3 inches thick. There were places to fish, but those that we usually looked forward to arriving at were covered in quite a bit of ice, so we had to change up tactics a little and try some new things.

The day didn't see much action aside from one very brief hookup, and a couple of fish we spooked while walking the trail along the bank.

A couple of shots from the day:


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fly Fishing Christmas Gifts For The Serious Fly Fisher

Christmas gifts for the fly fisher

Here are some gift ideas for the serious fly fisher on your Christmas shopping list.

Clearwater II Trout Outfit, 8’6”, 4-piece, Tip-Flex 9.5 fly rod for 5-wt line, 3 oz. This is the perfect outfit for spring trout fishing on smaller streams and rivers. It comes complete with, reel, backing and Clearwater line, and a case for easy transportation.
Gallatin Lanyard, These are perfect for someone who doesn’t already have one. You can buy just the lanyard, or you can get it fully loaded with forceps, an assortment of tippets, tippet spool holder, mini fly box, and fly fisher’s snips.
Original Super Tac-L-Pak Vest. This vest is available in a range of sizes, and in tan or olive. With 31 pockets it will hold all the gear you could need on the river.
Pro Guide 3 Waders. This is the perfect gift for a fly fisher with old bulk waders. These are light weight, and comfortable too.
Tri-Spectrum HVO Glasses. Perfect for sight fishing, these glasses are available in three different lens colors. With these you will be able to spot more fish, and protect your eyes from the sun, and any poorly aimed flies.
Shooting Star 1510-4 Spey Rod, 15 ft, 10 wt, 10 ¼ oz. A great spey rod for a beginner. Perfect for salmon and steelhead.
Zero G Freshwater 648-2 Fly Rod, 8’6”, 2-piece, Mid-Flex 5.5 fly rod for 4-wt line, 2 ¾ oz. This rod is perfect for dry-fly fishing, for accurate clean presentation.
Special Edition Mitey Mite Bamboo Fly Rod, 5’, 5wt 2-piece. Perfect for the collector of fine fly rods.
Frequent Flyer fly rods. These come in a number of weights and sizes. They are perfect for the traveling fly fisher, as there are 7 pieces.
Henry’s Fork II Premium Wading Shoe. These durable wading shoes offer superior support and the exclusive speed-lacing system, the perfect gift for a fly fisher.
Renzetti Presentation Vise. This pedestal vice with total versatility in every rotary function makes fly tying easier. It is adjustable from 4/0 to 32 hook sizes.
Renzetti Visual Backdrop Plate. This vice accessory, will make it much easier to see what you are doing. It also makes the perfect back drop to photograph your latest patterns.
14-piece Wasatch Set. Comes with 14 of the essential tying tools to make tying easier and more productive. Comes in a Velvet-lined maple box for great storage.
Orvis Premium Fly-Tying Kit. Includes 360 degree vice, 7 essential fly tying tools, and a complete selection tying materials.
Orvis Fly-Tying Guide. You can give this and many other books and DVDs with many patterns, to the fly fisher on your list.
Minox Leica M3 Digital Camera, 32 MB internal memory, 1.5” color monitor, and 5 megapixel resolution. This light weight, compact camera is perfect for putting in your fishing vest.
Under Wader Fleece System. Keep warm in your waders with this thermal fleece designed to use with your breathable waders.
Multi-Tip Spey Line System Fly Line. Four fly lines in one. This system includes floating running line, and four interchangeable tip sections, all in one wallet. Available in a range of weights.
Superior Comfort Boot and Wader Socks. Designed to prevent bunching, These socks offer maximum comfort and are available in heavyweight, or midweight.
• Fly Fishing Vacations. You can send your fly fishing get away to Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, or many other destinations. You could also arrange a trip locally with a guide.
• Casting Lessons. Lessons with a certified casting instructor are ideal for anyone with beginner to intermediate abilities.
• Pliers, Forceps, Fly boxes, Tippet, Scissors, Tying material, Hooks, Bead and Cone heads, Multi-tools, and other smaller items make perfect stocking stuffers.
• Gift Certificates. If you don’t know what your fly fisher wants or needs, a gift certificate to their favorite fly shop, or fishing store works too.

Merry Christmas and Happy Fishing!


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