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Monday, May 12, 2008

The First Dry Fly Action Of The Year!

The weather was great......the black flies were thick!!!

Luckily however, really the only fish we brought to hand were caught on dry flies. Mostly smaller fish in the 7 to 10 inch range, but who's complaining??

Hendrikson duns were the main dish for brookies, browns and rainbows over the weekend, with a couple taken on LBWO's as well.

I had my father in law with me, and he had never touched a fly rod before. He fishes with us, but this time I wanted him to get into some trout on flies. And that he did!!

I taught him how to skate a dry across the surface, and it wasn't long before he had some fish coming to the surface for his offering.

Just little guys, but not bad at all for a first timer!! Congrats Bill!!!

Into the afternoon, some of the older fellas were needing a beer, so myself and my cousin Justin headed upstream into the jungle for what we hoped would be some better action with a chance at some bigger fish.

We headed downstream to a pool that we like to fish on this river. The river is tiny.....only about 15 or 20 feet wide at its widest spots. Its full of absolutely impossible logjams and makes for some very technical, short line fishing. We reached the pool, and the air was full of hennies, LWBOs and midges. Needless to say, it wasn't long after sitting there that we saw the first rise, then another and another.

We probably took about 20 fish between us in that pool, with a couple bruisers coming out for a little sip as well. We werent ready for the big guys, and the excitement caused us to rip the fly right from their lips each time before they had a chance to clamp down!

I did get one shot of a pretty little brown though

And here's a shot at one of the bridges of the last bit of the hendrickson hatch we managed to hit

Can't wait for the major hatches to begin up there!!!!!! B)


Anonymous,  May 15, 2008 at 12:27 PM  

Nice pictures! And also it is very good to go with your father in law to the river. I father in law doesn´t like going fishing...

I have been absent because too much study...


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