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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fly Fishing with Trout Streamers

Aside from using dry flies and nymphs, there is one method of fly fishing that always trumps those two methods with trophy sized brown trout. The method consists of using very large flies to intrude on big brown trouts territory. Using trout streamers gets right down to the nitty gritty of it all. Short, heavy leaders are required, and sink tips can be the norm when using these massive flies.

Streamers can be employed to represent a large number of aquatic and land based animals. These can include imitations of minnows, mice, leeches and a variety of other creatures that fall in between. Trout streamer flies used to imitate these species can generally all be used in a similar way using similar techniques.

Trout Streamers can be looked at in two different ways. Imitators and Attractors.

Imitators mimic a specific species of bait fish, leech or the fry of various gamefish. Crayfish are another common imitation streamer pattern.

Attractor style streamers are used to get right in the face of large trout. Big trout, and in particular big brown trout are very territorial. Because of this territorial behaviour, fishing with streamers for giant trout is a method that assures you will weed out the smaller fish.


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